Alan Levin, MFT
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Marriage and Family Therapist

Founder, Sacred River Healing

Phone Number: 8452713623
Ana Perez-Chisti, PhD
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Ana Perez Chisti, MA, PhD, is President of the SUFI Universal Fraternal Institute and an ordained minister in the Creation Spirituality Community as well as functioning as senior teacher for the Sufi Movement USA.

She served as a start-up member of the San Francisco AIDS Hospice program. With the Mission of Charities in San Francisco and in Calcutta, she worked with Mother Teresa to support the homeless and marginalized communities in both areas. She was the coordinating director of the Emergency Relief Fund International that helped deliver food and medicine to areas of Somalia and Ethiopia during periods of severe famine. She is presently working with several Jewish community centers in the Bay Area that support concentration camp survivors and their families.

She holds academic degrees in psychology, philosophy and religion, and is presently an adjunct faculty member at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. and the Fox Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

Website: sufiuniversalfraternalinstitute.live
Email: aperezchisti@gmail.com


President, Sufi Universal Fraternal Institute

Associate Professor, CIIS

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Jaqui Duvall
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Jaqui Duvall, MA

Jaqui Duvall is an author, trainer, life and health coach, and spiritual counselor helping people live authentically and genuinely through defining and connecting with their inner spirit.

She has provided health coaching to veterans through the VA since 2013 and has been coaching in the private sector since 2002. She has extensive experience teaching and developing Behavioral Health Education classes in a healthcare setting, including management of stress, anxiety and depression, insomnia, communication skills and more.

Jaqui holds an MA in Consciousness Studies from the University of Philosophical Research and a BA in Drama from San Jose State University, as well as certificates in Health (2014) and Life Coaching (2002), Training (1989), Interactive Guided Imagery (2015). She is currently pursuing certification as an aromatherapist.

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Writer, Reporter, Editor

I am a writer and editor in all genres, with a particular passion for music and the arts. My work includes a diverse range of editorial projects for individuals and institutions plus freelance articles for print and online publications. Beyond the art of language, I’m studying the non-verbal, non-linear practice of sound healing with tibetan bowls. After a course of study at the Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School with Diane Mandle in California, I am currently working towards my certification in the field. I offer sessions for personal sound healing work and public presentations with Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Currently living in San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico with my son, Kevin.


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Lisa Law
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(Pictured far left)





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Maya Horton
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Maya Horton is a visual artist based in NY. Her work is inspired by the stories and archetypes embedded in land, plant and animal medicine, mythology and collective memory. Drawing and painting has always been a way for her to navigate paradoxes and nuance, by exploring details that both contain and comprise the whole.

She recently spent six months as artist-in-residence at Stony Point Center in the Hudson Valley, and wrote an article about the art she created there and her relationship with black vultures as a sociopolitical lens on Trump’s America. You can read that article here.

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Valentine McKay-Riddell, PhD, MACP
Address: 1868A Calle Quedo
Santa Fe, NM 97505
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Psychologist, Holistic Counselor, Shamanic Practitioner – Wholebeing Wellness Counseling

Founder and Executive Director – Orenda Healing International

Phone Number: 5057805990