Authors, Artists & Editors – The Pandemic Papers

Find background and contact information for the following contributors to the current issue of Four Winds Journal here:

FWJ Summer 2020: The Pandemic Papers

Alan Levin, MFT.  Sacred River Healing

Adam Avin.  Founder, Wuf Shanti Children’s Wellness Foundation

Robert F. Morgan, PhD.  Author & Educator

Arthur Lopez, Santero.  The Santa Fe New Mexican – Pasatiempo

Christopher Hassell, MD.  Founder, Greater Immunity

Carol Calvert, OBE.  Founder, Sacred Order of Brigid’s Well

Charles Eisenstein.  Author & Speaker

Judy Schavrien, PhD.  Artist, Educator, & Therapist

Holli Emore.  Educator, Cherry Hill Seminary

Rafael Jesus Gonzalez.  Poet & Artist

Wade W. Bergner.  Author & Educator, Co-Founder of Real U. Academy

Joan Forest Mage.  Shamanic Artist, Founder, Life Force Arts Ensemble

Ji Hyang Padma, PhD.  Educator & Founder, Mountain Path

Lynn Ungar, Poet

Dianne Stein, Author, Reiki Master

Valentine McKay-Riddell, PhD.  Founder OHI, Editor,  Winds of Change Press 

Pony Wave, LA Artist & Mario Tama (Getty Images)

FWJ Summer 2020: The Pandemic Papers Supplement

Charles Eisenstein.  Author & Speaker

Michael Pollan.  Author, Journalist, & Activist

Valentine McKay-Riddell, PhD, MACP.  Wholebeing Wellness Counseling

Ayu Sutriasa.  Digital Editor, YES Magazine

Lewis T. Riddell.  Artist & Psychodrama Counselor