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dsc_6781Let us support your work in the world!

Orenda Healing International honors the challenge facing today’s Change-makers:  the healers, researchers, educators, authors, and artists who are doing their best to make this world a better place.

In solidarity with  Change-makers and to help advance your work, we offer several ways to advertise on our website: Links, Display Ads, and Regional Resource Directory Listings.

Links:  A free link to your professional website, listed under “Links”

Display Ads:  A page or portion of a page, listed under “Advertising Options,” priced as follows:

1/4  page – $25
1/2  page – $50
Full page – $100

Examples:  (prices listed in examples no longer apply)


Regional Resource Directory Listings:  Current rate – $20 /year per listing (first year single listing free for contributing writers and artists)

Take advantage of this amazing offer, and place your online ad today!


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