Leak – How I Feel



Leak:  How I Feel

Anonymous © 2020

I feel like I am in a small rubber boat in the middle of the ocean and the boat has a tiny leak.  I know that land is beyond the horizon, but I am not seeing it yet, and I am very mindful of the leak.  I know that if I don’t get to land soon, the leak will continue to fill up my boat, and I will sink and drown.  I also question if I am in shark-infested waters, and at any minute something will come up from underneath, and grab or puncture my boat, and pull me down without any warning.  It is a waiting game.

But maybe one can look at this as the mystery of life.  We are all in a leaky rubber boat.  We will all drown but not all in a tragic way.  But if we look at life as a leaky boat, then we will appreciate the time we have above water, and maybe not focus too much on where the land is, but be grateful for the time spent in the sun, and the warm water in a boat that has hopefully just a tiny leak.

The author of this prose poem wishes to remain anonymous in order to protect loved ones from sharing her fear.