Matrix Repatterning – The New Science



We invite you to explore exciting new possibilities in deep core healing with Dr. Darsej Rae, DC, on Saturday, August 18, at 10 AM Mountain time (9 AM Pacific, 11 AM Central, 12 noon Eastern).

With 20 years’  experience in complementary & alternative medicine, along with the integration of the most revolutionary scientific data, Dr. Rae uses a gentle and effective structural approach called Matrix Repatterning.  Matrix Repatterning  promotes reorganization and permanent change to the body’s core structural elements (bones and organs), relieving unnecessary tension patterns that effect your entire organism.

Matrix Repatterning allows you to truly heal– to wake up each morning at baseline, no more struggling with your body just to feel normal.  Dr. Rae’s skillful, gentle touch uncovers and addresses past traumas that have been causing your body stress, so that you can experience less tension and ultimately, less pain.  You will stand tall in a way you haven’t for years, perceive life with a fresh pair of eyes, and be confident in your healing process.

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      Matrix Repatterning: The New Science

Saturday August 18, 2018

9 am PDT (10 am MDT, 11 am CDT, 12 noon EDT)