What Will We Eat? Exploring Sustainability 4

This issue of Four Winds Journal focuses on sustainable food production, distribution, and preparation.  The pressures of climate change, economic scarcity, and political chaos urge us to address the question:  how will we feed our families and communities if what we’re used to becomes unavailable? 

High Hoops and Harvesting – OLCERI Food Hubs

Our authors and artists explore old and new methods of growing, distributing, preparing, and preserving healthy food without further damaging our Mother Earth.  Here you’ll learn about new techniques for sustainable year-round food production, the encouraging progress of local and global food collectives, the triumphs and trials of small farmers and urban gardeners, the practice of conscious eating, and even a few really delicious planet-friendly recipes to try. We hope you enjoy this issue!

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High Tunnel Polyculture in Northern New Mexico