More Good Reading


Books & Articles:

The River Goddess & Other Stories.  V. McKay-Riddell (2015)  (3rd edition). Santa Fe: Sunstone Press.

Why Isn’t My Brain Working?  D. Kharrazian (2013). Carlsbad CA: Elephant Press LP.

Caliban and the Witch.  S. Federici (2004). Autonomedia.

Ecofeminist Philosophy.  K. Warren (2000).  Lanham MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Awakening to the Spirit World.  S. Ingerman & H. Wesselman (2010).  Boulder, CO:  Sounds True.

Spontaneous Shamanic Initiation: The Wounded Healer’s Path.  V. McKay-Riddell (2010). Journal of Shamanic Practice. Fall, 3:2 (36-43).

Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation.  M. Pollan (2013).  New York: Penguin Books.

More good reading to come!