Our Antidote to Fake News

abraham-lincoln-716182__480Over the last few months we’ve experienced confusion, frustration, and even dread, as the media have gleefully headlined the caprices of our current political players.  It’s a tactic that boosts sales but is far from helpful to anyone who wants to know just exactly what is going on!  To add to the mix, Facebook and Twitter have shared not only “all the news that’s fit to print” but a great deal of non-news and outright lies concocted by sensation-seeking individuals.

In light of this morass of misinformation we felt it might be useful to share links to a number of more accurate news sources.  That way folks will hear different interpretations of a particular event and hopefully be able to reach more measured conclusions.

We invite our readers to share their favorite sites as well.  We will update the following list as we uncover additional news sources.

KPFA Free Speech Radio


America Aljazeera



Mother Jones

Daily Kos

Huffington Post

(Photo courtesy of Rachel Bostwick)