Boy How We Love to Hate!



Boy how we love to hate !

Dr. Rosie Kuhn, PhD

© 2016

While reading A Course in Miracles, I came across the concept “the special Hate relationship.” Wow!

Do you know that approximately 70-80% of any given population hate their jobs? As I googled what we hate or dislike I found that there are a lot of very unhappy people who hate or dislike well, everything. And, I love this statistic: 70% of our thoughts are negative thoughts. That is a lot of negativity – a proportion I suspect is hateful in nature.
I know I’ve done a lot of hating over my life. I was actually in DENIAL (Didn’t Even Know I Am Lying) about the degree to which I have a special relationship with hate. After all, it isn’t ladylike to hate; it isn’t spiritual to hate; it isn’t American to hate, except for when it is!
I think that we cover up our special hate relationships by focusing on, and pointing to the fact that we love – our children, our dogs, our friends or partners. We don’t want to eliminate our Hate, but we do want to disguise it, so that we look good, especially to ourselves.

The newly elected president of the United States exudes hate, among other qualities and gifts. There are those who love him because he exudes this hatefulness, and there are those who hate him for it. Either way, Mr. Trump is a catalyst for bringing hate out of us all.

The fact is – from a spiritual perspective, Mr. Trump couldn’t have been elected if there weren’t enough of us on board with his hatefulness and arrogance to have him elected. Within those who voted against Mr. Trump, the hate energy that we carry yet deny, I believe, carried Mr. Trump into victory. How could it not!

Let’s face it, those of us who define ourselves as liberals and peace-lovers judge (and hate, though we wouldn’t of course use that word) those who are not. We see ourselves as special because we say we consciously support the well-being of all beings on the planet. And, at the same time, if each of us were to be truly honest, we would acknowledge the degree to which we hate and judge those who see the world differently. Score – 1 for Mr Trump, Score – 0 for Peace on Planet Earth.

The truth is, we are a planet of unhappy people! Truth is, the majority of us won’t even acknowledged the degree to which we are unhappy and actually hate our lives. We have a special relationship with HATE that we just don’t want to let go of, regardless of how sick and crazy it is making us, and regardless of how much peace and freedom we want to see in the world.
Extracting hate from our individual lives will inevitably extract it from our systems – government, education, religion, and the like. However, we have to willingly acknowledge our hate-full-ness before we can extract it. Inevitably, like a bad tooth, the pain will get bad enough that each of us will pray for assistance in removing it, one way or another. Perhaps Mr. Trump is an answer to our prayers. Go figure!

We are all a reflection of what we love and what we hate.

If self-hate wasn’t so pervasive, I believe we would be willing to out ourselves about our special hate relationships, and truly empower ourselves to live in peace. Do your job Mr. Trump. Expose our special hate relationships so we can freely choose to live peace, not just talk peace.

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