Winds of Change Press Service Rates & Payment

Editing Services


Book Idea Consult                              1/hr                  No charge

Line Edit                                             $45/hr

Copy Edit                                             $45/hr

APA Edit                                              $55/hr

Cover Design                                      $55/hr

Internal Art Work                              $55/hr

Marketing Services

Website Design                      $45/hr + WordPress fee

Brochure                                 $45/hr + printing fee

Business Cards                       $45/hr + printing fee

Banner                                    $45/hr + printing fee

Poster                                      $45/hr + printing fee


Please note:  These prices do not include outsourced production services such as printing, distribution, and out-of-pocket expenses incurred while obtaining ISBNs, Library of Congress registration, copyright fees, etc.  Clients are billed for these production services in addition to the services listed here. 

Payment Options 

Send a check or money order: 

Winds of Change Press/Orenda Healing International

1868 A Calle Quedo, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Pay online: