Winds of Change Press Service Rates & Payment

Editing Services


Book Idea Consult                              1/hr                  No charge

Line Edit                                             $45/hr

Copy Edit                                             $45/hr

APA Edit                                              $55/hr

Cover Design                                      $55/hr

Internal Art Work                              $55/hr

Marketing Services

Website Design                      $45/hr + WordPress fee

Brochure                                 $45/hr + printing fee

Business Cards                       $45/hr + printing fee

Banner                                    $45/hr + printing fee

Poster                                      $45/hr + printing fee


Please note:  These prices do not include outsourced production services such as printing, distribution, and out-of-pocket expenses incurred while obtaining ISBNs, Library of Congress registration, copyright fees, etc.  Clients are billed for these production services in addition to the services listed here. 

Payment Options 

Write your check or money order to: 

Orenda Healing International / Winds of Change Press

1868 A Calle Quedo, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Pay online: