Winds of Change Press Submission Guidelines

Galisteo - Rod's House069Galisteo Basin, New Mexico, 2016. Staff Photo

General Information

 These submission guidelines apply to all Winds of Change Press publications, including digital and printed versions of Four Winds Journal.

 Authors & Artists’ Rights: Winds of Change Press retains the right to use Four Winds Journal articles or artwork in all substantially complete versions of a single issue of our Journal. We also request the right to use the piece in the promotion of Four Winds Journal, and to authorize single-copy reproductions for academic purposes. All other rights, including those applying to books published by Winds of Change Press, are retained by the author or artist.

Winds of Change Press

 Winds of Change Press publication services include consultation, design, editing, printing and distribution, and some marketing of print-on-demand books, including Ebooks.  Ingram does our printing and distribution, and we outsource any design issues requiring different technology or skills to affiliated experts.  This is called “production.”  We do not require a retainer up front, because we don’t know what production will cost until the book is in our hands.  All production costs are paid by the author.

We offer 50% – 50% on royalties and split the cost of printing with the author.  For example, a book costs $20 retail and the author wants 10 copies to sell or give away.  The author contacts us and we order the books to be sent directly to the author.  Printing costs are approximately half the retail price (about $10 per book + shipping).  The author pays half of the fee for printing and shipping (10 books at $10 each = $100, so the author’s half of that fee would be $50 + shipping), and we pay the other half.  The author sells each book for $20 ($200).   Less the original outlay of $50 + shipping, the author’s net income is $150.

Regarding marketing, we place books in local bookstores (we’re in Santa Fe NM), arrange radio interviews and mini-webinars, and advertise on our website and social media (with links to the author’s website as well).  We may also offer expert industry tips and suggestions to be sure everyone is updated on the latest trends in writing and marketing their books.

Four Winds Journal

Authors and artists are not paid for their submissions to the Journal.  However, each contributing author and artist is profiled in the issue to which they contribute and is listed in the Regional Resource Directory on our website, along with their personal website address and other relevant information.  Authors and artists contributing to a particular issue of the Journal also receive a free printed copy of that issue and may purchase additional copies at the Early Bird rate (20% discount off the retail price) after the Early Bird (pre-publication) sale ends.  Four Winds Journal reaches a broad selection of readers through social media and conventional advertising, which also greatly increases authors’ exposure.

Submission Guidelines


Fiction, Nonfiction & Poetry: Please read the following guidelines carefully.  However, be sure to schedule a consultation to discuss your book project, as that will affect submission specifications for your particular book.


Phone:  505-780-5990

Four Winds Journal

Fiction, Nonfiction & Poetry: Due to limited space in the printed version of the Journal, we accept articles and short stories 3 pages long (single spaced) If a short story or article is longer, we may excerpt a portion and post the entire article or story on our website, or publish the piece as a serial.  Poets may send up to 3 poems for a single issue of the Journal, saved to a Word doc file and separated by page breaks.

Scholarly Papers: may not exceed 10,000 words and should include an abstract of no more than 150 words, references and tables (if any), following APA style (6th edition) as closely as possible. Please refer to the table, 7 Most Common APA Errors!  References should be as complete as possible: include the author’s name, book or article title, translator or editor (if applicable), city of publication, name of publisher, date, and page numbers.  All manuscripts should be written in clear, grammatical, and fluent English. We will consider submissions by authors for whom English is not a primary language, but they must be checked carefully by a reader who is fluent in English before they are sent to us.  All manuscripts should be submitted as Word documents using 12 point Times New Roman font.

Artwork:   may include original photography, prints, sculpture, drawings, or paintings.  All art work should be submitted in high resolution jpeg format (minimum 300 dpi).  We prefer that all artwork be original.  Artwork must include appropriate citations and references if it is not original.

Send Journal submissions as email attachments to .  Please include a separate Word document with the title of the manuscript or art work, author’s or artist’s name, qualifications, and contact information (postal and email address, landline or mobile phone number, and website), and a brief biography (1-2 paragraphs) with a recent head shot of the author or artist.

If your submission is accepted, you will be contacted by one of our editors to discuss our publishing procedures, including suggested editing or other changes.