Here now!  FWJ Fall 2021: Elephants in the Room


FWJ Spring 2021 introduced the topic of polarization and how it has divided this country and distanced us from each other.  This issue, second in the series, explores another “elephant in the room,” social profiling.

Social profiling is endemic and mostly unnoticed, unless it becomes the catalyst for a hate crime or other violent reaction.  Nevertheless, it happens everywhere, every day, and we’re all doing it!

FWJ Fall 2021 offers examples of social profiling.  Some are obvious and some not as much. We hope the articles, poetry, and artwork included here will help us all to become more aware of our hidden biases, more compassionate towards people and situations we don’t understand, and more determined to help restore balance in this country and around the world.

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FWJ Fall 2021:  Elephants in the Room

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