In the Wings…


Here you will find some of the themes we hope to explore in upcoming Journal issues and Webinars.  If any of these themes speak to you, please email us with a brief description of your proposed article (casual or scholarly), short story, poem, or art work and we will discuss which theme would be the best fit.

We also welcome individual guest speakers for our MiniWebinars program, beginning June 2017.  Your topic must be related in some way to our Mission.

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Fall 2017:  Art As Activism:  How It Heals (Webinar and Journal)

Winter 2017-2018:  What Your Grandma Knew:  Alternative Ways of Healing (MiniWebinar)

Spring 2018:  Sustainability for Our Time (Webinar and Journal)

TBD: Women in Western Culture:  Roles & Challenges (Webinar and Journal)

TBD:  Surviving Workplace Toxicity (MiniWebinar)