FWJ Summer 2023: Who Are We Now? New Submissions Deadline!

Photo courtesy of Charles Eisenstein 4.10.23

Who are we now?  As individuals, family and community members, local, national, and global citizens?  As a species?

The past two decades have radically changed life for all of us—humans, animals, the planet itself.  Some of the changes have been beneficial, life-affirming.  Others have threatened health and well-being on every level.  Then there is the unknown—neither positive nor its opposite:  the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI).  How will this shape our future?

Four Winds Journal’s Summer 2023 issue invites us to look back on the last 20 years, acknowledge how they have changed us, and ask the question:  Who are we now?  What will the next two decades bring?  We’ve made it this far.  Are we ready for what’s next?

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New Submission Deadline June 30, 2023!  

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