New Titles from Winds of Change Press

Winds of Change Press is delighted to present the following new titles, coming out soon!

The Bird Ride, Book 1: The Awareness Matters Series. Wade W. Bergner (2020).  Cover and illustrations by Galia Labowitz.   A boy’s mystical bird ride unveils why awareness, words, and attitude matter.  Readers uncover a great power within themselves, one that can bring joy to their life and others.


Starfriends, Book 2: The Alyssa Chronicles. Valentine McKay-Riddell (2020).  Cover art by Lewis Riddell.  Illustrations by Linda Hunsaker.  Alyssa and her friends are off again, this time to assist a stranded off-world visitor in her quest to save Earth from certain destruction.  Readers discover the magic– and the value– of interspecies communication.



Sweet Reign: Fourth Wave Feminine Principles recounts incidents from the lives of eight historical Holy Women—and how the life of the author, Ana Perez-Chisti, was shaped by their influence.  Hidden in these Holy Women’s intuitive actions are the seeds of spiritual potential, illuminating how we can understand others and ourselves more compassionately. When Fourth Wave Feminine Principles are activated, doubt vanishes and one can sense through the subtle awareness of gender balance, the Divine connection to Source.





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