Peace in the Heart

Peace in the HeartThere are no words to express the sadness that we feel for those in Orlando whose hopeful, bright lives were so brutally cut short, and for their loved ones, whose loss is too great to bear.

It is said that anger and hatred are really masks for fear.  Perhaps this is true– certainly in these troubled times there are people who believe there is much to fear, and some argue for excusing the vicious behavior of fearful people.  Based on that belief, a case could be made not just for individuals but for the violent behavior of organizations and even entire countries.

But to paraphrase the words of Chief Dan George:

We fear what we do not understand.  We hate what we fear.  And what we hate, we destroy.

So let us try our utmost to understand others– especially those who are different from ourselves.  Let us not fear the difference.  And when we encounter the cruelty of those who do fear difference, let us remember that behind every angry, hurtful mask is a spirit struggling to break free from the darkness of delusion and return home to the Peace in the Heart.