Winds of Change Press Fundraiser!

We’re kicking off this Fundraiser to announce that Orenda Healing International is launching our new publishing company, Winds of Change Press, in May 2019!  

Ever since we began publishing Four Winds Journal in the Fall of 2016, we’ve dreamed of having our own publishing company.  As a result, we decided to create an affordable, author-friendly publishing platform, with special attention to the needs of first-time and upcoming authors whose work reflects our mission.

If you care deeply about the health and well-being of your friends and family, your community, and our planet—if you dream of being an agent for positive change—we will help you share your dream with the world.

Yet even the most innovative publishing company needs funds to get going, so we are asking for donations in any amount to help meet our goal of $3000 by the end of June 2019.  Donors will receive a year’s free subscription to our semiannual magazine, Four Winds Journal, honorable mention on our website and in the Spring 2019 issue of the Journal, and a year’s free listing in our Online Regional Resource Directory.

 Click here to help us launch Winds of Change Press!

Contact us for more information:

Winds of Change Press 
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Valentine McKay-Riddell, PhD

Editorial Board:
Katrina Rahn, MLIS
Alan Levin, MFT
Robert Morgan, PhD
Ana Perez-Chisti, PhD