Welcome in, 2023!

As we begin this New Year, we want to thank you for all your support in years past.  Your interest and your wonderful contributions to our Four Winds Journal have encouraged us to push forward—to continue connecting you with a global community dedicated to planetary healing on all levels.

We’ve weathered so much together!  Off the chart politics, national unrest, war in Ukraine, a global pandemic, unprecedented assault on women’s rights, fallout from climate change, and more.  You’ve hung in there with us through it all, and we honor your courage and commitment.

      Through Winds of Change Press we’ll continue to offer Four Winds Journal’s fascinating in-depth articles, artwork, and poetry, and we’ll be releasing intriguing new titles in the months to come. We invite you to share these offerings, and if a proposed topic interests you, to submit work of your own for publication. 

No one knows what 2023 will present, but we are certain that whatever it may be, we’ll make it with bells on!

Happy New Year!
All of us at Orenda Healing International