Happy New Year! Onwards & Upwards in 2022!


Photo by Tanja Askani

This has been a good year for Orenda Healing International!

 In 2021 our publishing branch, Winds of Change Press, released two issues of Four Winds Journal and is currently accepting submissions for a third issue, “Rematriation:  Coming Home to Gaia,” available  in February.

We’ve also released two new book titles:  Wade Bergner’s The Bird Ride, a delightful story that teaches mindfulness for children, and Time Statues, Robert F. Morgan’s memoir of a life well-spent.  Our third title, available in early Spring, is Starfriends, Book 2 in the Alyssa Chronicles series for young adults.  These books can be ordered on our website and are also available on Amazon, in both print and Ebook versions.

We plan to become quarterly in 2022, so that we can bring you more fascinating and thought-provoking articles, poetry, and artwork by a growing group of changemakers.  To facilitate this we’re expanding our staff to include two editorial assistants, technical support, and marketing.   We’re also extending our outreach through various distribution channels, including Ingram and its global partners, Small Changes in Seattle, and possibly Substack.

If you’ve enjoyed our earlier publications, you can help us bring you more of them! 

Please visit our website to make a direct donation, purchase a new book, or buy the latest Journal issue (20% discount extended through December 31), and share with friends and family.

We wish you and your loved ones a New Year filled with an abundance of all good things.  We are always grateful for your continued interest and support of our work in the world.


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All Orenda Healing International publications are related to our Mission and Vision:  To effect positive change, locally and globally, through innovative education and applicable research in a broad range of fields, with particular emphasis on the mind/body/spirit connection.

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